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Please feel free to check out all of the links below for more information on mental illness and teen suicide. Just copy and paste them onto your browswer.                               A Faith-Based Perspective on Suicide                    Suicide Awareness   Suicide and Survivor Help                                        The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill                            Healing Of Nations                                  1000 Deaths                                          Child and Adolecent Bipolar Foundation                        Zacharys Fishing Hole                              Outdoor Wilderness Therapy Program                            Psychiatry Matters                            Boarding School for Troubled Teens                  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                         Suicide Memorial Wall                     Suicide Reference Library                      Suicide Discussion Board                            Parents of Suicides Memorial Website                 Friends & Families of Suicides Memorial Website                                   We Remember Them Memorial Wall                                   Grieving Parents Memorial Website                          Murder Victims Memorial Wall