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If you think you're alone. If you think no one cares or will judge you. If you think no one will listen, think again. There are people who care who will not judge.

You may not think so but there are alot of people who are going through just what you are right now. Please don't try to handle things by yourself. There is no shame in asking for help.
What do you have to lose? You can remain as confidential in your identity as you want. Write us now, someone will answer back very soon.

A private E-mail will not be shared with anyone, an open email will be forwarded to our E-pals group.

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Please send letters, donations, requests for info, comments or suggestions to:

The Michael S. Wyatt Teen Help Foundation, Inc.
3208 Bahia Drive
College Station,TX 77845

Or give me a call at 1-979-696-4970

I am not, nor do I claim to be a licensed psychologist or doctor. If asked, I will give my opinion or advice. I will help to the best of my abilities, but you are under no obligation to follow any opinion or advice I may give you.