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A Non-Profit Corporation Based In College Station, Texas

Please excuse our mess while we update!

This Foundation was created in memory of my son, Michael S. Wyatt, who on October 25, 2000, hung himself in our backyard after a futile attempt to obtain help for Bipolar Manic Depressive Disorder. 11 Days before he took this desparate act, we had gone to the Emergency Room of our local hospital where he was evaluated after I came home and found him completely cut up and bloody because he was so hurt that his past Dr's would not listen to him in needing and wanting to get back on his meds. I showed this agent blood stained notes, the self-mutilation on Michael's arms, back, chest and shoulders. I informed this agent that Michael had talked alot lately about "not being here". This person looked at Michael and said, "If I send you home, will you kill yourself tonight?" My son replied, "Not tonight". In spite of past suicide attempts, he was sent home.

For the next 11 days Michael and myself faced doors being shut to us by the facilities that were supposed to help because of the "criteria" that needs to met because of a poorly funded and understaffed system. The opinion of Michael by people that didn't know him was that he was a drug addict, loser and trouble maker. It didn't help either when we were lied to about Michael having positive drugs tests in order to "prove" that Michael was not in real need of mental health care. The autopsy report shows negative on everything.

This Foundation was set up to help our kids develop self esteem, self worth and that just because they choose a way of dress or a look that is a little different than what the hypocrites of the world consider wierd, they are worth something and have a whole lot to contribute to the world in spite of what society tells them. GO YOUTH OF THE NATION! THE WORLD IS MISSING OUT IN NOT KNOWING YOU!

"Since October 5, 2000, this group has endured 17 deaths. Sucide by hangings, car accidents, accidental and non-accidental shootings, overdoses and AIDS. The names are many and the loss tremendous. Please, if you need us, we are here. May God's grace go with you all.

Please contact us for further information, comments, suggestions or donations. You can do this by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of this page.